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Respect Totems

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Type: Respect
Brood: Wendigo
Totem Background Cost: 2 Traits
Description: A humble member of Wendigo's brood, Beaver holds both hard work and playful fun to be his highest virtues.
Benefits: You gain the Ability Crafts x1 (usually focused in Woodworking or similiar) and a 2-Trait bonus on all Science challenges.
Ban: When you see an opportunity to play a practical joke on someone, you must do it -- unless you have a good reason not to, demonstrated by spending a Willpower instead.


Type: Respect
Totem Background Cost: 5 Traits
Description: A serene yet stubborn spirit, Bison encourages native Garou toward enlightenment through methodical thought. To those who would disturb his introspection, he offers the twin points of his horns. Bison's children were nearly wiped out in the late nineteenth century, but the heroic work of Garou and their kinfolk have built up new herds since and re-energized the totem.
Benefits: You gain the Abilities Animal Ken x1, Enigmas x1, and Survival x2.
Ban: You must put every part of what you kill to constructive use.

Type: Respect
Totem Background Cost: 5 Traits
Description: Tribal totem of the Silver Fangs, Falcon soars majestically above the Garou, looking down with eyes that can pierce the heart. Those in whom he sees virtue and honor, he rewards; those in whom he sees iniquity feel his talons. This spirit's devotion to duty and excellence is such that even the failings of his chosen tribe have not been able to sully his reputation among other tribes of Garou.
Benefits: You gain the Abilities Leadership x3 and four additional Willpower.
Ban: You must never lose Honor; doing so is worse than death itself. If you do, you must put right the wrong if possible, and if you cannot, then perform a Rite of Contrition and sacrifice yourself in battle against a powerful creature of the Wyrm.

Grandfather Thunder
Type: Respect
Totem Background Cost: 7 Traits
Description: As an indomitable force of nature, Grandfather Thunder commands fear and respect in equal measure. He is as patient and inexorable as the building storm, setting an example for his chosen tribe, the Shadow Lords. Very rarely does Grandfather Thunder send his own avatar to the Garou that serve him; instead, he prefers to send a cunning Stormcrow on his behalf.
Benefits: You gain the Abilities Etiquette x3 and -- by invoking the name of Grandfather Thunder -- Intimidation x2. You also gain five additional Willpower and the scrutiny of the Shadow Lord tribe.
Ban: Never tell the truth to anyone you don't respect. (And in practical terms, you probably only respect those you can't dominate.)

Type: Respect
Brood: Griffin
Totem Background Cost: 5 Traits
Description: Long ago the last children of Mammoth died. This spirit would have died with them, but for the shelter of Griffin. Griffin has helped sustain Mammoth for four thousand years, but cannot seem to prevent its slow descent into death. Mammoth encourages the Garou to exercise their power conservatively and with due care, but these beliefs stand at odds with his own rising desperation at his coming end. In matters of judgment, Mammoth frowns upon giving more punishment than is necessary. The Red Talons, Get of Fenris and Children of Gaia especially see much to admire in this stalwart totem.
Benefits: You gain the Physical Traits Strong x2 (or synonyms), the Abilities Enigmas x2, and one additional Gnosis.
Drawback: You gain the Short Fuse Flaw, as Mammoth's growing panic gnaws at the edges of your own spirit.
Ban: Mammoth asks you for only one thing: Attempt to save his descent into destruction -- by any means necessary.

Type: Respect
Totem Background Cost: 7 Traits
Description: As a spirit of ever-changing water, Mississippi can take many forms and appearances. She typically appears as female, though to some Purelanders she may appear as Old Man River. She has three primary aspects: the healing and protective mother, the capricious gambler, and the relentless warrior. A spirit of Respect, Mississippi emphasizes protecting those who help themselves but fall short.
Benefits (all aspects): You gain the gifts Persuasion and Strut, and the Ability Area Knowledge: Mississippi x2.
Ban (all aspects): Give passage and protection to all changing breeds who serve Gaia, if they do not mean you harm -- save for the Rokea, whose betrayal Mississippi has neither forgotten nor forgiven. Also, Encourage commerce and culture along the river as long as it does not harm Gaia.
Aspects of Mississippi: Followers of this Totem choose one of the spirit's three aspects to serve:

Mother Mississippi
Description: She believes in helping the helpless. She aids those who aid others and her abilities lend towards healing.
Benefit: You gain the Ability Medicine, and a one-Trait bonus on challenges involving the Ability. You gain a one-Trait bonus on Social Challenges dealing with spirits directly related to water. And if you are helping people within a mile of the river's banks, you may call on an additional level of Contacts or Allies.
Ban: Give aid to any who ask, if they are of Gaia. This includes innocent humans: children, runaway slaves, etc.

Madame Mississippi
Description: She most often appears as a female riverboat captain or a poker dealer from the 19th century. She is a firm believer in commerce and freedom, and the most capitalistic aspect of the three.
Benefit: You gain one Luck retest per session (as per the merit). Once per session you may draw on an additional level of Resources, Finance influence Industry influence.
Drawback: You must spend one Willpower to avoid taking a daredevil's chance on risky actions.

Mighty Mississippi
Description: Appearing as a woman made of flowing water and covered in armor of ice, she is the flood that washes away impurity.
Benefit: You gain the Ability Brawl. If you are standing in a natural body of water or on the banks of a river, you also gain a level of Armor which regenerates automatically at the top of each round.
Ban: Prove yourself to be a fierce protector by fighting the enemies of the river head-on.

North Star
Type: Respect
Brood: Owl
Totem Background Cost: 5 Traits
Description: The long wanderings of the Silent Strider tribe have ingratiated them to this glimmering Incarna of the heavens. Now she sends her spirit avatars to Strider packs to help guide them on their paths.
Benefits: As long as the stars are visible in the sky (i.e., it's night and the weather is not overcast) and you're in the Northern Hemisphere, you gain the Abilities Area Knowledge x2 and Survival x2.
Ban: Travel often, accepting all worthy quests and message-bearing duties.

Type: Respect
Totem Background Cost: 4 Traits
Description: The guiding spirit of the Black Fury tribe, Pegasus considers all the holy places of Gaia as his protectorate. He sees the image of the Mother in all female creatures, and binds himself by duty to protect them. An ancient enmity with Fenris ensures Pegasus will never accept a Get of Fenris as a pack member or follower.
Benefits: You gain the Abilities Animal Ken x3 and three Willpower Traits..
Ban: You must give aid to females of all species, particularly young ones.

Snow Queen
Type: Respect
Brood: Fenris
Totem Background Cost: 4 Traits
Description: The Snow Queen is the silent regent of winter. Her robes are the blankets of snow that hide the world. She does not hold with the fury of the blizzard; her court is as orderly as ice, and every bit as unforgiving.
Benefits: You gain the Abilities Etiquette x2 and Stealth x3, and one additional Willpower.
Ban: You must be courteous to your hosts, as long as they do not break the laws of hospitality.

Type: Respect
Totem Background Cost: 6 Traits
Description: Masculinity, virility and the wildness of nature are embodied in the great Stag, patron totem of the Fianna tribe. In twilight he walks a trail through the deep forests of the Umbra; his path divides light from dark, wild from tame, and living from dead. He leads the Wild Hunt as both its prince and its prey. Stag sometimes sends his avatar to guide lost Garou deeper into a primal understanding of Gaia.
Benefits: You may bid the Physical Trait Tough (or a synonym) for long-distance running. You gain the Abilities Survival x3 and three Willpower. Fianna Garou and even faerie creatures may be well-disposed toward you.
Ban: You must always show respect for your prey by using the Minor Rite Prayer for the Prey. Also, you must always aid the fae: rare as that need may be in this unwondering age, Stag does not turn his back on his commitments.

Wild Turkey
Type: Respect
Brood: Uktena
Totem Background Cost: 5 Traits
Description: This intelligent bird roams the North American forests, proud to serve Gaia as her ever-watchful sentry.
Benefits: You gain the Mental Traits Perceptive x2 and the Uktena Gift: Blending. You also gain a 1-Trait bonus on Social challenges to impress or intimidate others.
Ban: Never use or consume any product derived from domestic turkeys


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