All 13 Tribes of Garou

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All 13 Tribes of Garou

Post by Raven_Sky on Fri Jul 22, 2016 10:55 am

13 Main Werewolf Tribes

Black Furies
: Originally from Greece, this all-female tribe are renowned for their ferocity and severe codes of honour. They are the defenders of the Wyld, punishers of men, daughters of the great Artemis. They keep the secrets of Mother and Woman sacred, and any male child is given to a trusted one for care (usually the Children of Gaia). Only a few metis males remain within the tribe. They have a natural hatred for mindless destruction, a fact which has caused severe friction between themselves and the Get of Fenris. In Gaea’s name they Rage against any wrong doing to women or mother Earth herself.
Bone Gnawers
: The street dwellers, the scavengers, the despised, filthy disgusting – well then hold on a moment – while the other tribes have been slain and depleted, the Bone Gnawersnumbers have flourished – the most numerous of the tribes. The secret keepers, trail finders,survivors. They have an intimate bond with the cities...more so than the Glass Walkers - they run the cities, whereas the Bone Gnawers ARE the cities. They revel in their freedom and care little for physical possessions, quick-witted and street smart, the Bone Gnawer should never underestimated.
Children of Gaea
: Life loving and Life Serving – these are thePeacemakers, they are the ones who lifted the be underestimated.Impergium. Even the war loving tribes give these children the respect they deserve (if a little grudgingly). They see death and destruction and all forms of violence as Wyrm serving – although when they do rage you don't want to be in their way..
: The most passionate of the Tribes, Celtic in origin - originally from Ireland and the British Isles -"May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and a smooth road all the way to your door." -- Irish toast. This tribe come from a varied background and seem to have less 'inhibitions' than any of the other tribes – Music, stories and song are all part of their way of life – living and loving, laughing to the last these intense beings can turn serious without hesitation and their judges and warriors are feared worldwide.They fight hard, play hard, and party hard.
Get of Fenris
: The sight of a raging Garou drenched form head to toe in his enemies blood is not a pretty one but is common among this tribe. if ever there were a no nonsense group of's these guys. Don upset them – Usually dying in bloody violent means, often using themselves as a last resort – these are the ones that never back down.Cowardice is unknown among them - they are constantly tested and pushed through out their lives. They consider themselves superior and take advantage and power with force wherever they see fit. Victory is allthat matters to a Get, and only the strongest deserve to win.
Glass Walkers
: They have taken the uprising of man and embraced it. Living at home within the cities they relish technology. They do not see their advancement and acceptance of this as
corruption, merely, a further step in the on going battle. They use the Wyrms own toys against it, but to use them one has to know them..
Red Talons
: the keepers of the wild place – mostly formed of LupusGarou, the Talons despise anything to do with man or his machines seeing them as bringing only destruction to nature's realm. their numbers in the wild are steadily diminishing, and their own hatred may push themto the brink..
Shadow Lords
: Very sneaky, watch your back. They have plans for dominating the tribes, from overturning the Silver Fangs and taking control, and nothing is going to dissuade them. Not to be trusted
Silent Striders
: Driven out of Egypt a long time ago, these wanderers are the holders of the forbidden, descendants of the prophets. They read long forgotten languages, and signs as we would read a book. They see omens and portents more clearly than any other and are quite often advisors.They are the carriers of the soul beyond death.
Silver Fangs
: The proud leaders – well, maybe – they think their noble(if inbred) bloodline gives them rights and privileges over all others.Very fierce, they tell you, you do! They tolerate little nonsense.
: Quiet and contemplative, the holders and seekers of mysteries, also the smallest of the tribes. Their Inner calm and mysticismhas often been a point for ridicule, but be careful....they are also the inventors and masters of the Garou martial art Kailindo. A non-aggressive form, using simple gestures to their chakra too completely devastate their opponents.
: These guys are the magicians – they guard fiercely all understanding of things magical. Protectors of the weak and talkers to spirits, they communicate with them more easily than any other tribe. Like the Wendigo they are Native American origin,and both tribes fiercely resent the 'white man' as a form of destruction.
: A pure, integrated race. Fierce protectors of the land. They tolerate only the Uktena (barely) and do not get along well with any of the other tribes.


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