Vamp and Enemy House rules

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Vamp and Enemy House rules

Post by Raven_Sky on Thu Jul 21, 2016 5:07 pm

We ST's will speak and see what system works best for us.

As of now we will go ahead and say.

1. A vampire with Fort can spend 1 bp- dedicated to their fort. Ie during initiatives they can spend 1 bp for fort. This will automatically give them the number of dot's in fort they have to use on Agg damage.

2. If the attack they are facing is not agg. Those dot's of fort will be added to their soak dice pool. They will not receive their BP back.
You may spend 1 bp on fort per round.

3. Bp to boost your str, dex, or stam. Each Bp spent for one of these will be automatically added to you dice pool per round. You can not use this bp for fort or cel. You must declare this is what this BP is for.

4. You may spend a number of bp per round dedicated to cel. Again this can not be the same BP for Str or dex. You must declare this will be BP used for Cel. Cel is like a Rage point. You can use it to dodge, defend, or try and get soemwhere faster. As well as you can use it as an extra turn duering Rage turns if you have it left.


Fortitude allows vampires to resist damage better and to resist injuries that are normally very difficult to heal. Although it is a passive power, Fortitude can be a great boon in combat and keep Cainites alive when they would otherwise turn to ash. No other traits are needed to use Fortitude nor must blood be spent, so it's a low maintenance discipline.

Additionally, a kindred with a fortitude score of three or higher treats gunfire as bashing damage and at fortitude of six or higher treats all lethal as bashing.

Against mortals, firearms are considered lethal damage.
Versus vampires, firearms are considered bashing damage unless the head is targeted

System: A character’s rating in Fortitude adds to his Stamina for the purposes of soaking normal damage (bashing and lethal). A character with this Discipline
may also use his dots in Fortitude to soak aggravated damage, though Kindred cannot normally soak things
like vampire bites, werewolf claws, magical effects, fire, sunlight, or massive physical trauma.

Lethal damage is just that — lethal, at least to mortals. Even vampires take a sword-wielder seriously — a vampire who is hacked to bits or decapitated will die the
Final Death, though not as readily as a mortal

When your character’s Health boxes fill to Incapacitated and she takes a further level of lethal damage, she enters torpor (p. 283). If your character is reduced to
Incapacitated via lethal damage, and she takes a further level of aggravated damage, she meets Final Death.
Fortitude grants the Cainite the ability to resist all kinds of damage, however it fulfills its part of God's curse in that it bred arrogance and overconfidence. Sometimes, Cainite masters of Fortitude become convinced of their own indestructibility to the point that they disregard even mortal danger, as their survival instincts slowly atrophy[1].
Normally Fortitude does not need to be activated, and each dot is added to all soak rolls. Even Risen wraiths may also acquire this Discipline with the right training.



Vampires that master the Potence Discipline possess physical strength beyond mortal bounds. This Discipline is responsible for the legends of vampires possessing the strength of 10 men. Potence allows vampires to leap great distances, lift massive weights and strike opponents with terrifying force.

Even the lowest ranks of this power gift the Kindred with physical might beyond mortal bounds. More powerful immortals have been known to leap so far they seem to be flying, throw or toss cars aside like tin cans, and punch through concrete as if it were cardboard.[1] In the Dark Ages, vampire nobles have been known to break open fortress gates with their bare hands and cut war horses in two with one stroke of a greatsword.

Members of Clans Brujah, Lasombra, Giovanni, and Nosferatu are naturally gifted with this Discipline, although almost every clan finds some use for it, and members of other Clans often make a point to find someone who can teach them the awesome power of Potence.[2] Each dot grants an automatic success on any rolls involving Strength, and does not require activation. It is also a fairly common discipline among ghouls.


These are also for all NPC/ Vamps for Story Line. If we do try and start a Vampier side of the Game we as OP's do have the option to change these as we see fit.
If there are any more questions please speak with me about it in a PM or email. Do not bring this to OOC or dice again thank you.


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