House Rules Part 2. IC Pregnancy

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House Rules Part 2. IC Pregnancy

Post by Raven_Sky on Thu Jul 21, 2016 5:03 pm


The roll is now- stam+stam+4points of PB diff 8 need 5 suc. Can use a wp point for mated couples for an automatic 1suc. Any 10's mean Twins births. 4 tens mean's triplets.

It will take
Lupus/Feline born 60-75day, 8-11 week.
3-4 months give or take for the fae multiples.
6-7months fae singles,
7 months human multiples
9 months human singles

The breed is determined by the parents.
If both parents are human (or one is human and one is Garou), then the child is born as a homid.
If both parents are wolves (or one is a wolf and one is Garou), then the child is born as a lupus.
If both parents are garou, the child is born as a metis.

If both are different breeds the chart is below(getting it)

when SHIFTERS mate (not Garou)
5-6 a normal shifter, 7-8 a better shifter, 9+ a perfect shifter

***ST** house rule sorry but OPS will not allow chrs ic to lose cubs or pups so the house rule is once the spirits alert raven a pendant will be made for the mother no harm to the child. (This is a no lee way rule you do not like this house rule I will ask you to leave. Sorry this is the way we OP's will play it. Love you all dearly but yep.


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