House Rules part 1.

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House Rules part 1.

Post by Raven_Sky on Thu Jul 21, 2016 3:03 pm

Willpower will replenish every Wednesday and Saturday

WP can be used in mid combat to change an action or hold an action. Ie you don't want to kill someone use a wp not to kill or attack.




This room will be open Friday Night/sat morning until Sunday Night. This is where you will request a total of 3 XP per week per character.
You need to ask for the XP per character and what you did to earn it this week.
XP will be rewarded and spent on Mondays.

XP spends will be done in #STChat please ask if #STChat is open for spends.
Rage will replenish one a day or fully each night of your moon

Gnosis will replenish At moot or you can meditate one time a day for as many hours as you like in the spend room. However many hours you spend meditating you will gain 1 gnosis per hour.
1 v 1 duel- if both players agree you do not have to reroll each round. If one player wants to reroll each round then that is what will be expected. However in battle to save time and get more story line in ST's will normally have the same number during the battle each round until the end of that round. ST's can also make a call if they want to have the players roll each round. Do not argue with and ST's call. Thank you.


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