The Wisdom totem - Owl

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The Wisdom totem - Owl

Post by Raven_Sky on Tue Aug 02, 2016 10:04 am

Type: Wisdom
Totem Background Cost: 6 Traits
Description: Like a phantom in the forest, Owl brings death on wings of silence. He holds hidden wisdom into the ways of life and death, and guides his tribe, the Silent Striders, to do likewise. No Totem is more learned in the land of the dead; followers of Owl know "the Dark Umbra" is more than a rumor. Also, Owl's taste for Rat is infamous; followers of that totem mistrust followers of Owl with good reason.
Benefits: In the Umbra, you manifest the wings of Owl, granting you the power of flight. You enjoy a two-Trait bonus on challenges involving silence and stealth. You gain a three-Trait bonus on challenges to activate Gifts involving air, travel, movement and darkness. Sometimes, Owl packs in danger are aided by Silent Striders arriving in at just the right moment.
Ban: You must leave small rodents in the woods, upon which Owl and his children will gleefully feast.


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