The Castle setting

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The Castle setting

Post by Raven_Sky on Fri Jul 22, 2016 9:28 pm

The Deep woods full of many threats, lead into the forests that are supposed to be clear of much of the enemies. The guards are patrolling the forest ground in teams of four for four hours at a time. When ever someone is found who is one of their kind they are pointed towards the right pathway that's lined by white rocks that will lead them to an opening theer is a large hill above a small river/moat area and on the hill is a large castle. However what they may see is the back side of this

they will find a boat man at a small dock with a wooden boat and two paddles. standing there at the dock. He will ask who they are and only after hearing the full title showing they were of the this world. Fae, Shifter, Kin. Will he offer to take them to the sea gate. That would give them entrance to the castle.

The river/moat is only 4 feet deep along the edge but will drop off about 10 feet in the middle. This is also used as an extra security measure.

You may have also heard the old wives tales that this place was haunted.


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