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Simba chr info

Post by Raven_Sky on Thu Jul 21, 2016 7:41 pm

Simba are werelions, and one of the nine remaining tribes of the Bastet of the Classic World of Darkness. They are also known as Lords of Sunlights or Dark Kings.

The Simba represent the best Gaia has to offer, in that they are regal, proud, and powerful beyond compare. However, they are also arrogant, domineering, and malicious, even under the best of circumstances.

The Simba aren't villains; they are magnificent lords, slayers of demons. They believe things are simply out of order. When the balance is restored, when the humans know their place and when cities become graveyards, the lions will be proven right. In the minds of the Simba, the demons of the modern age can be traced to the end of Impergium and the laxity of the Changing Breeds. And they intend to put things in the right order: if that requires bloodshed, so be it. Warfare is the sport of kings.


Most Simba are muscular, charismatic, and attractive. Their hair flows thick and rich; white Simba have cascading hair which blossoms into a mane during transformation, while African ones have thick afros or dreadlocks. Although female Simba have no manes, their hair grows wild and thick. This alone tends to make them stand out, as many African tribes believe that the absence of hair marks the line between man and beast. Thus, Simba are considered "not quite human" — which is, after all, entirely accurate.

Most Simba descend from Zulus, British, Germans, Bantus or Bushmen. Although they're not fond of magic, a tangible aura of command surrounds event the youngest lions.


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