Welcome to the New Isle of Skye

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Welcome to the New Isle of Skye

Post by Raven_Sky on Thu Jul 21, 2016 1:58 am

Welcome to the Isle Of Skye a WOD WWTA game with some house rules to spice things up. This setting is a castle on the isle of Skye in Scotland.
It will be a mix of medieval and modern times. The year is 2016 .Though wifi has been reached, electricity is around and cell phones are still used. The kitchen is upgraded to modern technology.
The sept still likes to live off the land as much as they can. They hunt most of their food. Forge the forest for nuts and wild berries or fruit from trees.
They have gardens to tend to for Veggies, fruit, herbs and spices as well as chicken coops to collect eggs each day or feast on chicken when the hunting is low.

the castle is known to be haunted and the deep woods still harbor those enemies of the Sept's. The forest is supposed to be safe. Sometimes those from the deep woods will venture and begin threatening those of the sept.

The castles Great hall is where the main hall is. This hall has many long tables set against the wall full of that day’s feast and treats made by Chef and Doctor Summer Blooming. The kitchen is connected to the Great hall.

The Castle itself has many rooms and a few tower keeps (for the alpha and beta’s family’s) that are used by the residence of the sept. There are 1 bedrooms but you also can choose 2 or 3-bedroom setup in the castle. All residency’s have small fridges. The castle has been upgraded for this century. Each 1 and 2-bedroom suite have 1 bathroom. A three-bedroom suite has a master bathroom and an jack and Jill bathroom.


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